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newsimageFarmalider, a pharmaceutical company that specializes in innovating with molecules that have lost their patent, has taken another step in its globalization by opening a new office in Miami (USA). This latest location expands on those the company already has in Barcelona (Spain), Istanbul (Turkey) and Auckland (New Zealand). The growth plan began eight years ago. Farmalider’s Turkish subsidiary is now the group’s most profitable location. By bringing Miami into the picture, Farmalider hopes it will provide a springboard into the Latin America market where, as Chairman José Luis Berenguer states, “We have created partnerships with several companies in order to diversify risk.”

As well as going global, one of Farmalider’s short-term aims is to float on the London Alternative Investment market (AIM). “In the United Kingdom, this is a very important market and includes over 1500 more relevant companies. Nobody who has been around for 25 years enters the Spanish Alternative Stock Market (MAB), which is made up of smaller companies. MAB investors are looking for risk and we are not a risky company, so the MAB didn’t fit the bill for us,” Berenguer explains.

Today, Farmalider is comprised of 14 companies. The newest are Ophta Pharma and Ophta Biotech—ophthalmology and intraocular contact lens specialists—for which Farmalider is now seeking to bring in an international pharmaceuticals company to optimize sales.

Farmalider Group participates in CPhI Worldwide 2018


Farmalider Group participated again in CPhI Worldwide, the most important exhibition in the pharmaceutical and chemical sector which took place this year in Madrid between the 9th to 11th of October and connect with more than 45,000 Pharma professionals from leading companies around the world and more than 2,500 international exhibitors in over 20 specialist zones.

It was a special edition which enabled us to strengthen ties with our many partners and collaborators and to start new ventures and business in the OTC and Pharmaceutical industry.

Farmalider, the success of a talented team

newsimageWe are all reading and talking about the economic recession and the weakness of the market. Despite the endemic pessimism in many businesses, companies with high technology and investment in I+D must provide added value to their products and services in order to be considered in the global market.

For 2014 the pharmaceutical industry needs to move into a stable and credible scenario. Then people will know what to expect before any laws or rules are taken by the administration of this sector, which has bottomed out and cannot afford to take more cuts.

Thanks to the work that we at Farmalider have established with other companies, we have made key partnerships in which the risks and the revenue are 50% shared. Our company needs to get adequate growth this year and secure the future as a company in order for us to discover and explore new markets.

The key to the growth and consolidation of our company is the knowledge of our highly qualified pharmaceutical team. We dedicate 30% of our workforce towards research and development of new products. Those efforts have helped significantly to set us apart and give us greater value as a business. We also have ten years of global expansion which will help us reach the largest possible number of markets in the world.

With that said, it seems that we practice proselytism within our firm, and many might ask: How do we keep growing? How do we consolidate our position in the market? Or how do we continue to look to the future with optimism? The answers are easy to explain:

In a global market, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, equipment selection and management are key elements in the success of any operation. To ensure our success, we surround ourselves with professionals with an extensive background in their fields. We join efforts and synergies to develop business projects with high added value that distinguishes us as a cutting edge company in the industry. In other words, we innovate but at the same time we unfetter the experience of our team, such as encouraging testing without fear of failure or momentary failure. That opens up original thinking and produces far greater results such as new powerful ideas and new ways of product development. The important thing is to coordinate and distribute the talent that we have in our company so it flows, not overshadowing it with micromanagement that may limit the scope of our goals.

Many times clients ask how we continually overcome challenges in the pharmaceutical market in times of uncertainty (especially nationally). We are constantly looking for innovative ways to open new markets, to seek new business opportunities that will help us grow and maintain a balance between our industry and our company.

We cannot forget that innovation is oftentimes linked to financing in order to maintain a leading position within this sector. So how do we ensure our success? We build our management team with entrepreneurs and researchers and we remain dedicated to the following principles:

1 – Build a management team with talent and experience, without fear that their background will contrast with the methodology and philosophy of our company.

2 – Encourage creativity in all production processes and product development.

3 – Work with risk in a controlled and sustained environment in R & D methods to prove the attainment of credible and achievable results.

4 – Generate ideas that help foster new lines of action and keep the development team focused on a common goal: to plan, produce, and present with confidence products or services tailored to actual market demand.

5 – Seek creative sources of funding to support a pioneering development that generates attractive growth in the business environment.

6 – Support the company in creative processes and management through a modern, solvent structure. The success of our projects depends on the satisfaction of our employees, who must be motivated by their future at Farmalider.

Finally, Farmalider—with conviction—applies the axiom “use but not abuse.” Only then we can adapt the management and development of the firm to the needs of the moment.

Farmalider Group Creates a Strong Presence at CPHI 2013

Farmalider Group attended the CPHI 2013 Fair, which was held in Frankfurt from October 22nd to the 24th. Farmalider’s stand was located in the busiest, major pharmaceutical hall next to other leading companies from all over the world.

We took advantage of this international exhibition to introduce our new company, Nutra Essential OTC, which specializes in OTC products.

During the exhibition, we introduced visitors to the latest news and products from Farmalider. It was three days of hard work and we hope that all who visited us felt welcome. For us, it was a big success since we had so many specialized professionals interested in our products.


In an interview with Marce Redondo, José Luis Berenguer, chairman of Farmalíder explains how the company has achieved growth by associating with foreign companies and investing in R&D.

José Luis Berenguer, who studied Economics in Madrid and has led Farmalíder since it was founded 25 years ago, emphasises the importance in business today of having a global perspective and creating synergies with other partners. The company’s most recent project, Eurogel, is a joint venture with India’s Geltec – which makes soft gel capsules – in which each have a 50% stake, and which involves an investment of about €4 mill. over three years. This is one of a number of projects involving emerging markets, where Farmalíder is focusing because this is where more innovation is taking place. The products will go on sale all over Europe.

Berenguer very much regrets the decline in innovation caused by the recent closure of Spanish research centres and the resulting job losses for highly specialized people who had opted to stay in research in Spain rather than accepting lucrative posts abroad. Farmalíder, on the other hand, has not only been able to maintain its jobs but has more than doubled its workforce, which reached 105 in 2013. It is one of the few Spanish companies that has managed to grow in the current climate, despite being limited by the crisis.

For 2013, Berenguer forecasts growth of 15% – a remarkable figure when the sector is in decline. The aim is to consolidate the domestic market, develop the global market – particularly in emerging countries – extend its portfolio of 42 products and invest €8 mill. on the launch of seven products this year, for which it is seeking global investors. Farmalíder is concentrating on areas where competition is less fierce, such as ophthalmology, dermatology, central nervous system and women’s health. It will also be making its stock market debut and looking for partners for 20% of its treasury stock. It will continue to focus on R&D, for which it earmarks between 10 and 15% of its earnings.





Entrevista con el presidente de Farmalider José Luis Berenguer – Click here



FARMALIDER, Laboratorio de innovación e ideas

Mercado De Dinero – Febrero 2013

La farmacéutica aparta valor añadido a medicamentos genéricos, desarrolla productos propios y está presente en varios países.

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Madrid-based Farmalíder in talks to acquire Diasa and create 30 jobs

The pharmaceuticals firm already has property rights on Diasa products and is looking into reopening its laboratories.

Madrid-based pharmaceuticals multinational Farmalíder is considering re-opening the Diasa Pharm laboratories in Turón in Asturias. It has already acquired the content and intellectual property rights to the products Diasa used to manufacture after Valente Tres Internacional failed to meet the payment of €4.5 mill. for the whole company within the stipulated term, forcing receivers to sell Diasa in parts. The receivership terms handed over the warehouse where the laboratories are based to Diasa’s creditor banks, with which Farmalíder will now have to reach an agreement. The banks’ asking price may be lowered by a recent court ruling, pending appeal, which condemns Diasa Pharma’s promoters and subsidiary Hunosa Sadim to pay debt worth €21 mill. The banks could then step in to recover part of the money owed.

Farmalíder, chaired by José Luis Berenguer, has been in the business since 1986. A year ago, the workforce reached more than a hundred and the firm had more than 30 pharmaceuticals products on the market, plus 20 in development. Turnover reached €5.7 mill. in 2011 and is estimated at 34 mill. for 2013, of which 30% is earmarked for RD&I. It operates in Turkey and Miami, which serves as a springboard to Latin America, where it is in talks with a number of companies. It has deals with a pharmaceuticals company in India to distribute its products in Europe and is also active in New Zealand. Farmalíder has a majority stake in all its subsidiaries.


Turning Ideas into Medicine

With just 42 employees, Farmalíder turned over €25 mill. in 2011 thanks to a formula based on team-based innovation and creativity.

Small Spanish pharmaceutical company Farmalíder is pulling through the crisis in its sector. It has offices in New Zealand, Turkey and Florida, and turnover is growing every year. The secret, according to Chairman José Luis Berenguer, is a working model called the “Ideas Factory” built on team-based innovation and creativity.

Founded in Madrid in 1986, Farmalíder specialises in R&D in generic drugs and identifies molecules with medical and pharmacological applications. It tailors its resources to the needs of pharmaceuticals giants and helps them get more from their patents. Berenguer is keen to stress the importance of generic drugs, which can take 10 years to develop and are part of the innovative process required to stay competitive. Farmalíder already has 30 products on the market and is working on 20 more – seven with guaranteed market entry. To achieve this, it is looking for financing of about €20 mill., and is contemplating stock market launch.

Farmalíder, which itself spends 30% of turnover on RD&I, is particularly concerned about government cutbacks in this area. Berenguer sees this as a mistake, causing the loss of research teams that have taken many years to form. Farmalíder is also committed to the welfare of its workers who enjoy flexible hours and a pleasant working environment. “An employee who is happy in their post works harder and better”, he adds.

Turning Ideas into Medicine