newsimageWe are all reading and talking about the economic recession and the weakness of the market. Despite the endemic pessimism in many businesses, companies with high technology and investment in I+D must provide added value to their products and services in order to be considered in the global market.

For 2014 the pharmaceutical industry needs to move into a stable and credible scenario. Then people will know what to expect before any laws or rules are taken by the administration of this sector, which has bottomed out and cannot afford to take more cuts.

Thanks to the work that we at Farmalider have established with other companies, we have made key partnerships in which the risks and the revenue are 50% shared. Our company needs to get adequate growth this year and secure the future as a company in order for us to discover and explore new markets.

The key to the growth and consolidation of our company is the knowledge of our highly qualified pharmaceutical team. We dedicate 30% of our workforce towards research and development of new products. Those efforts have helped significantly to set us apart and give us greater value as a business. We also have ten years of global expansion which will help us reach the largest possible number of markets in the world.

With that said, it seems that we practice proselytism within our firm, and many might ask: How do we keep growing? How do we consolidate our position in the market? Or how do we continue to look to the future with optimism? The answers are easy to explain:

In a global market, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, equipment selection and management are key elements in the success of any operation. To ensure our success, we surround ourselves with professionals with an extensive background in their fields. We join efforts and synergies to develop business projects with high added value that distinguishes us as a cutting edge company in the industry. In other words, we innovate but at the same time we unfetter the experience of our team, such as encouraging testing without fear of failure or momentary failure. That opens up original thinking and produces far greater results such as new powerful ideas and new ways of product development. The important thing is to coordinate and distribute the talent that we have in our company so it flows, not overshadowing it with micromanagement that may limit the scope of our goals.

Many times clients ask how we continually overcome challenges in the pharmaceutical market in times of uncertainty (especially nationally). We are constantly looking for innovative ways to open new markets, to seek new business opportunities that will help us grow and maintain a balance between our industry and our company.

We cannot forget that innovation is oftentimes linked to financing in order to maintain a leading position within this sector. So how do we ensure our success? We build our management team with entrepreneurs and researchers and we remain dedicated to the following principles:

1 – Build a management team with talent and experience, without fear that their background will contrast with the methodology and philosophy of our company.

2 – Encourage creativity in all production processes and product development.

3 – Work with risk in a controlled and sustained environment in R & D methods to prove the attainment of credible and achievable results.

4 – Generate ideas that help foster new lines of action and keep the development team focused on a common goal: to plan, produce, and present with confidence products or services tailored to actual market demand.

5 – Seek creative sources of funding to support a pioneering development that generates attractive growth in the business environment.

6 – Support the company in creative processes and management through a modern, solvent structure. The success of our projects depends on the satisfaction of our employees, who must be motivated by their future at Farmalider.

Finally, Farmalider—with conviction—applies the axiom “use but not abuse.” Only then we can adapt the management and development of the firm to the needs of the moment.