About us

Farmalíder Group is a Spanish pharmaceutical company established in 1986 and dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Our central headquarters are located in Alcobendas (Madrid, Spain) and we have offices in Barcelona (Spain) and Miami (USA).

What we offer

At Farmalíder we provide a specialized service to pharmaceutical laboratories or sector companies, offering the concession of licences for specialist, niche products, unique presentations and innovative products and /or associations, as well as other patent-protected products.

How we work

We have two production plants, one in Alcobendas (Madrid) which, in compliance with GMPs, allow us to develop and scale solid oral formulations, enabling us to produce batches for clinical trials and regulatory documentation. In this way, we can offer our clients a complete package from the birth of an idea to the delivery of the finished product and subsequent collaboration in marketing processes.

Our team

Farmalíder is formed by a team of professionals, doctors and chief technicians, experts in the development and regulatory affairs of medicines, as well as pharmacologists specialised in clinical trial designs. Thanks to our experience, at Farmalíder we patent our know-how, proactively registering the dossiers to offer our clients immediate marketing opportunities.

Nutra Essential OTC, one of the group companies, manages the development of OTC products together with nutritional and dermocosmetic supplements, collaborating with international companies. This company also encompasses the activities related with clinical-use and disposable materials.

Our goals

Our development plan currently involves projects in progress at different stages; some are in their initial pre-formulation phase and others in their final clinical trial phase, giving them all added value, whether through new product indications, novel combinations or new galenic forms.

Although we have approved and marketed products and projects in development directed at different therapeutic areas, at present 65% of our developments are focused on pain relief. Such developments are carried out in different easy-to-administer parenteral or oral pharmaceutical forms.

Likewise, at Farmalíder we always endeavour to bring galenic innovation to our products to simplify the administration of drug products and make them user-friendly, such as orodispersible products that do not require the ingestion of the whole dosage unit and dispense of the need for water.

For this reason, Farmalíder is known in the sector “as the ideas factory”.

Our achievements

These are some of our most recent achievements:

  • Leader in the Spanish ibuprofen supply market.
  • 243 dossiers of products registered on the Spanish market.
  • First to launch Paracetamol 1gr tablets in the European market.
  • Over 52 marketing authorisations in the rest of the European Union.
  • Farmalider patented Ibuprofen 4% oral suspension in 2001. Patented License in 17 countries.
  • Authorization in Germany for the marketing of Ibuprofen 2% and 4%, in oral suspension in a bottle, through the decentralised procedure (DCP).
  • Creation of Nutra Essential OTC, company responsible for all OTC products and nutritional supplements of the Farmalíder Group.
  • Creation of Vitalcare company, JV with ERN laboratories, for the manufacture of pediatric and women’s health products.
  • The company acquired EU GMP certified manufacturing plant TOLLPHARMA in 2011.
  • Farmalider partnered with Ascendis Health in 2015.